Ignite Your Strategy

Challenge your current beliefs and ensure a winning way forward.
What will your customer segment want next? Be different.

There are situations where the strategy or its implementation should be reviewed. Are you dissatisfied with your current success? Is it time to create a completely new strategy, or do you need to set new goals? Is the will of the owners clear? How does the board participate in strategy work? Are you managing the implementation of the strategy well? Are your people enthusiastic about your way forward? Is the strategy visible in operative work?  

How To Ignite Your Strategy - 3 Secrets


1. Height Of Thought

By rising up on a higher helicopter level together, you can see what really needs to be done. You  challenge beliefs – bubbles burst. When people open their mouths, they take their first step in your strategy journey. That is a prerequisite for the new.

Merkitys suunta sektori

2. Meaning and Direction

Clarify your business meaning for customers and personnel = a direction for the strategy is created. Focus and crystallize needed breakthrough goals. A common vision takes root and enthusiasm spreads. This is how you start the strategy journey together.

Selkeä agenda

3. Clear Prioritization

Continuous prioritization is the key to clarity. Complexity nests in a company so easily.
Sometimes it’s worth removing everything unnecessary so that the robust core
becomes clearer. Keep a clear picture visible to everyone using a digital dashboard.

Ignite Your Strategy!

A strategy is implemented when the three loops of strategic planning are linked to one another.

Are you in phase 1 starting to update your strategy? Do you need a bigger upgrade or a smaller update? The output of this phase is your 1 page strategy. You define the direction and assess it quarterly, not only yearly!

Or are you in stage 2 where you are creating a management model for the strategy? You create concrete goals,  prioritize and resource the execution. 
Create a dashboard for weekly follow-up and review your meeting structure. 

Or is your strategy implementation stuck? Also, the operative daily way-of-working needs to be updated according the new strategy. You sense and respond to customer needs. You define a Playbook for the new routines. 


Mikko Marttunen, CEO Balanco Accounting

"The strategy must have as few focus areas as possible
so that they can be implemented efficiently and quickly."

”It’s quite an amazing experience to create the strategy of a company of this size with such an intensive schedule, but in such a way that it doesn’t feel startling.”

Simplicity Rocks!

The best benefit was transparency and the new way to work together as a bigger team. This changed much.


RTK-Service, CEO
Profitable Growth

"Our challenge was to crystallize our competitive advantage. My favorite part was to see how well the process was taught and all the sparkling eyes."


Codento, CEO

- It’s a fantastic feeling when you get the final version of the roadmap in front of you. You know that there it is and this is what we will do together.


Hill+Knowlton Finland, CEO
Public Relations

"The biggest lesson for me was that strategy is not only about abstract things but also practical things. Now we have a complete new inspiring strategy."


Savonlinna Opera Festival, CEO
Opera Art

- We started using the 1Pager 1 1/2 years ago. The biggest benefit is that the process informs everybody. It is strategy in practice. We reached our goals.


MORS Software, CEO
Financial Software

- I think you need to crystallize the strategy so that we all align to the same directions. The 1Pager gives concrete steps how to go forward.


Game Industry

"The biggest problem in strategy is how to get all the people together and make a synthesis what to do. The Strategy 1Pager is a good tool for the execution."


Vastuu Group
Software Service Company

- We have been using the 1Pager now for one year and we have been happy about using it. It has been so simple and understandable for the whole personnel.


DeLaval Finland, CEO
Dairy Machinery

Rdigo Experts


Senior Partner, Founder & CEO

Markus is a strategy and customer relationship management professional and founded Rdigo in 2007. He worked for 10 years as CEO and partner of the consulting company Vectia. Markus also has a long career in the ICT industry, in international sales, marketing, and business development at Nokia and ICL.


Markus’ special skill is to simplify complex entities, finding a practical approach to solutions, and creating energy in the group. He has been a pioneer in utilizing new technology throughout his career. Our passion is involving the entire staff in thinking about strategy using technology.
Markus has an opera singer wife, three children, and a long background as a choir director.
Call Markus: +358 50 67030. Book an appointment. Mail.


Senior Partner

Erkki has worked as a strategy consultant in numerous companies in the energy sector, construction industry, ICT companies, expert companies, and public sector organizations. Satisfied customers can be found from large listed companies to small growth companies.
Erkki has accumulated business management experience for more than 15 years, e.g. At Fortum, as a unit manager and a member of the management team. He has also had numerous board memberships.
Call Erkki: +358 50 453 6547. Book an appointment. Mail.


Senior Partner

Veli-Matti has worked as a strategy consultant in many very different companies, e.g. in technology, construction, service, and energy companies – mainly in the private sector, but also in public sector companies. Assignments have included owner and business strategies, their implementation, and the sparring of CEOs and management teams.
Veli-Matti’s background includes strong experience in international business management, e.g. duties of the unit manager / managing director / country manager of Martela and Paroc. The tasks have included managing business operations, sales, marketing, and corporate responsibility in particular – but also founding, buying and selling business operations.
Veli-Matti is an active advocate of good board work and also works on boards himself. He relaxes by sailing – preferably with his family. 
Call Veli-Matti: +358 400 688535. Book an appointment. Mail.



Oskar is a partner in Rdigo and responsible of our international operations under the brand Stradigo. Oskar has worked several years in strategy projects with Rdigo’s clients. He has been a member of Rdigo’s high-level strategy advisor groups comprising of experienced executives. Digital marketing is his specialty. 

Oskar has a Master of Sciences in Economics and Business Administration with a major in Entrepreneurship, Management and Organization. Oskar founded 3 startups in the 2010s and has sat in the boards of 3 associations.

Oskar is also interested in agriculture, and took a 2-year basic exam. He’s a passionate beekeeper! 

Call Oskar: +358 50 453 6547. Book an appointmentMail.

Rdigo - Your Guide On The Strategy Journey

We can reveal to you that a new winning strategy can be created in half the time, together with your staff, by finding just the right focus for growth. We help you summarize your strategy and goals on one page – the Strategy 1Pager. By challenging current thinking and using digital facilitation, this is efficient.

Rdigo is a strategy boutique that specializes in simplifying strategy and involving the entire staff right from the start with digital technology. Our strategy guides will take you on a new kind of strategy journey! ”Redigo” is Latin for ”I renew”. Had to drop the vowel to get .com 😋!

Together with Markus, Eki, Veli-Matti and Oskar, we have learned a lot from both our successes and our mistakes. First we worked in large companies ourselves, and since then we have consulted hundreds of others: large, medium, and also small firms. We don’t work in backrooms, but together with you.

Rdigo opas strategiamatka strategiaprosessi


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