We Are A Strategy Boutique of Digital Seniors

Our specialty is the extensive involvement of people in strategy work effectively with digital facilitation. The strategy implementation also starts immediately when people participate in the planning. We help you challenge your current thinking and to find the hard core of the strategy.

We simplify the result of the strategy work onto a single page, the Strategy 1Pager. We support you to manage the implementation in an agile way with the help of strategy dashboard(s).

The digital tools and digital surveys we use raise the results of the workshops to a new level. Get to know Rdigo’s partners below. Read Rdigo’s story here.

Rdigo In A Nutshell

  • Strategy consultancy founded in 2007 in Helsinki, Finland. 
  • Senior Partners advising ~150 customers. 
  • Digital facilitation enable larger groups
  • ”From Strategy to Strategy Journey.” Height of thought. Simplification. Doable goals.  
  • Strategy crystallization on one page 
  • Digital dashboards for execution

Rdigo Ltd

Uudenmaankatu 2  C 19, 00120 Helsinki, Finland
email: firstname.lastname@rdigo.com

Markus Westerlund, Senior Partner, CEO

”We always learn more about finding the core of the strategy in each project. Supporting our customers with these lessons is very motivating. Simplicity is a trump card and a fast way to money.”

Markus is a strategy and customer management professional and founded Rdigo in 2007.

Before that, he worked for 10 years as the CEO of the consulting company Vectia. He also has a long career in the ICT sector, in international sales, marketing and business development, e.g. in Nokia and ICL. Markus’ special skill is to shape innovative concepts into a simple, practical and feasible form. He has been a pioneer in the utilization of new technology as a specialty. The specialty is now involving the entire staff in thinking about the strategy, thanks to technology.

Markus has an equally long success in his leisure career as a choir director.

Call +358 50 67030, email or book an appointment directly from Markus’ calendar.

Erkki Kari-Koskinen, Senior Partner

”I’m at my best in situations where I have to challenge current thinking and find new perspectives. Clarifying and crystallizing thoughts into an inspiring form is a demanding task, but it is truly rewarding. Especially when the essence of the matter is realized together. Simplicity cannot be brought in, complexity must be taken out. I have noticed that this is true in almost all situations.”

Erkki has worked as a strategy consultant in numerous companies in the construction industry, energy sector, ICT companies, expert companies, and public sector organizations. Satisfied customers can be found from large, listed companies to small growth companies. Erkki has accumulated business management experience over the course of more than 15 years, e.g., at Fortum as a unit manager and a member of the management team. He has also had numerous board memberships.

”Hobbies have come and gone over the years and it would be boring to list them here. Nowadays, I’m interested in trying new things, as long as it’s not too dangerous.”

Call +35850 453 6547, email or book an appointment directly from Erkki’s calendar.

Veli-Matti Savo, Senior Partner

”Involving people is the interest of the owner. This sentence summarizes my thoughts, experiences and current focus. The more courageously the organization’s people are involved in the strategy work, the more successful the implementation of the strategy often is. And new good ideas from outside the bubble are created when they are given permission.”

Veli-Matti has worked as a strategy consultant in many very different companies, e.g. in technology, construction, service and energy companies – mainly in the private sector, but also in public sector companies. Assignments have included ownership and business strategies, their implementation, and sparring of CEOs and management teams.

Veli-Matti’s background includes strong experience in international business management, e.g. duties of the unit manager / managing director / country manager of Martela and Paroc. The tasks have included managing business operations, sales, marketing and corporate responsibility in particular – but also founding companies, buying and selling businesses. This has also given him a broad and deep understanding of different cultures.

As a board partner, Veli-Matti is an active advocate of good board work and also works on boards himself.

He relaxes by sailing on the sea – preferably with his family.

Call +358 400 688535, email or book an appointment directly from Veli-Matti’s calendar.

Oskar Westerlund, Partner

”I’m and advocate of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. There is so much to win if you utilize the best practices in strategic management, planning and implementation. I want to help people to create success through long-term thinking and self-sufficiency. It is important to improve ones human capital.”

Oskar is a partner in Rdigo and responsible of our international operations under 
the brand Stradigo. Oskar has worked several years in strategy projects and 

high-level strategy advisor meetings. Digital marketing is his specialty. 

Oskar has a Master of Sciences in Economics and Business Administration with a major in Entrepreneurship, Management and Organization. Oskar founded 3 startups in the 2010s and has sat in the boards of 3 associations.

Oskar is also interested in agriculture, and took a 2-year basic exam. He’s a passionate beekeeper!

Call +358 50 375 4379, email or book an appointment directly from Oskar’s calendar

The Story Of Rdigo

Senior Power!

We are a strategy boutique of senior consultants. We challenge existing business models and management practices. Rdigo’s DNA is the simplification of strategy, as well as broad participation in effective strategy work through digital facilitation.

Our story began in 2007, when we founded a small, pioneer boutique of experienced seniors for strategy consulting. More than 10 years as a CEO of a consulting firm had taught Markus a lot, and now the idea of implementing strategies much faster, in half the time and in a completely new way tickled his mind.

The idea of the importance of simplification became clear. Markus was tired of ”exquisite” consulting and a huge amount of material in reporting, which does not necessarily increase the quality at all – even the opposite. The idea is to act according to the hourglass model: collect the ideas, prioritize to one page and then expand to operative work .

A simple crystallization makes it easier to remember. From the created story, the teams take the strategy to a practical level in their own operations.

Rdigo name

Coming up with a name was challenging, all reasonable names seemed to be reserved. After listing a myriad of words, we ended up with the Latin word ”redigo” – I renew, I modify. In order for the web name to end in .com, the e-vowel had to be dropped from the word. The company was named Rdigo [pronounced “erdigo”].

Why Rdigo?

Igniting Strategies

Creating and summarizing the strategy in a simple form, as well as speeding up the implementation is exciting for anyone! The strategy becomes effective when people are involved in interpreting the strategy in their own work. It is always essential to challenge the company’s current thinking. Tricky questions can reveal new, great answers. An external senior challenger can bring in new views and help you create a new winning way forward. 

Through our long experience, we know the typical challenges of strategy management, as well as the ways to overcome them. Our customers have especially praised the inclusion, the power of simplicity and our digital facilitation techniques. 


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